There is more to Usk than the quiet and charming town we see today. Usk is a place with a past, where history is under your feet and all around you.

Many visitors enjoy following the Usk Town Trail a printed, guided trail around the town which takes you past or into many of Usk's historic buildings and scenic features. Many of these are marked with a distinctive Blue Plaque. A copy of the Blue Plaque Trail can be downloaded here. Copies of the Usk Town Trail (£3) can be obtained from Usk Rural Life Museum and The Green Flute Cafe in Usk. 

The history of Usk has been captured in stitches by a group of local women called "The Loose Threads". They produced a series of tapestries to form the ‘Usk Timeline’ depicting the story of Usk. The Usk Timeline can be viewed free of charge at The Sessions House. It is replaced here in photographs to show the Story of Usk.

To read a more detailed history of Usk click on the individual sections below or download a PDF here.

Follow the Usk Timeline to read the Story of Usk


The romans

de Clare Castle

deBurgh Banners


David Lewis

Cart Bridge

The Railway



Present Day