Usk Town Council - Sub Committees

Finance Committee

The whole Council are responsible for finances but the sub- committee deals with the everyday income and expenditure. A report and monthly reconciliation are presented to the full Council as are quarterly accounts and the annual audited accounts for scrutiny. The accounts throughout the year are only signed off after the agreement of the Council.

Sessions House Management

This committee is responsible for the maintenance of the building and the grounds – minor repairs and decoration, lettings of offices and the hire of the building for functions, meetings and events. This also includes Health and Safety checks, publicity and advertising, and seeking grants for renovation work. A monthly report is prepared for the Council and permission is sought for more substantial expenditure.


All Planning applications made for the Usk area, whether they are minor changes to a property, extensions or building developments are viewed by this committee. The chairman visits the sites and reports back to the members who decide whether or not to support the application. The final say is with the Planning Officers at MCC but if this committee disagree with their decision they have a right to appeal and request a site meeting.

General Emergency

Plans are in place for emergencies in the town which could potentially cause major problems and danger to lives. This committee would be convened immediately in such a situation and put those plans into action.

Appraisal & Appointments

The Committee deals with staff members, their pay and conditions, complaints and appraisals. It also is responsible for the appointment of new staff, job descriptions, interviews and training.

Traffic, HGV’s

Constantly seeking to improve the traffic situation in the town this committee seeks solutions through regular meetings and consultation with MCC officers concerned with highways and traffic management and with the police. Over the years they have sought to introduce many plans that they believed would make a difference to the safety of residents but, after consultations with the many interested bodies, there have always been objections from at least one source which have prevented the plans from being put into place. The committee still continue to work towards a safer town centre and have ongoing plans which hopefully will have all party approval.

Environment and Infrastructure

This newly formed committee looks at issues such as dog fouling, litter, air quality, conservation and floral displays. it also covers allotments and is responsible for liaising with the allotment holders, dealing with complaints, rents, repairs and improvements to allotments.

Tourism and Events

The committee plans events in the town for the residents and to boost tourism and visitor numbers. They also organise events to raise funds for the Mayors appeal for local charities. The annual Reindeer Parade with Father Christmas and the Community Picnic are just two of the many events held throughout the year.

Community Engagement

This committee has taken on the task of ensuring that the Town Council engages with the residents, to keep them updated and informed of the work of the Council and ascertaining their views on current issues via their website, Facebook and Twitter. The Council website has recently been upgraded and as well as news and information about Councillors and events it publishes minutes of the monthly Council meetings and annual financial reports. The website also has information on what to see and do in Usk and links to Usk based services and businesses. A written report is also provided for the Usk and Raglan diary which is published bi- monthly. A large scale community survey was completed in  April 2018. The findings of the 'Future Usk' Survey 2018 which identified issues and priorities that the Usk electorate and surrounding communities would like the Town Council to focus on, will be used to inform and develop a Town Plan for Usk. We are currently working on this.

Community Awards

The committee, in conjunction with the full Council, accepts nominations for individuals and groups who deserve recognition in the form of Community awards. A maximum of three awards are made each year in a ceremony held at the Sessions House.

The Town Council has representation on the committees of the following societies and organisations:

Usk in Bloom
Usk Civic Society
Fair Trade
Silver Screen
The Memorial Hall
The Twinning Association
Usk Alms houses
The Rural Forum
One Voice Wales
School Governors