Usk Trading Licence


 Usk Trading Licence

For the purposes of economy, management oversight and consistency and in the best interests of Usk’s residents and business community, Usk Town Council now holds the annual licence for trading and for charitable collections.

We welcome – and indeed encourage – relevant parties and individuals to submit requests to make use of this licence for events and festivals.

There are, however, terms and conditions which need to be agreed prior to the granting of licences. These terms and conditions apply to all applicants and users, including Usk Town Council’s own events.

Terms and conditions

1.     costs, based on equivalent daily charges, to be agreed and paid prior to the signing off of the agreement. In the event of cancellation or rescheduling, refunds will be made up to one calendar month prior to the scheduled event dates, less any costs already incurred by Usk Town Council

2.     charitable collections may be made but this is limited to one (named in advance) charity which must operate within the vicinity of the event only

3.     all market-type events must enable local involvement as follows:-

3.1.  at least ONE local charitable stall holder – free of charge

3.2.  local businesses (i.e. those with an Usk postal address) must be given priority for stalls and participation, at a reduced rate of at least 10% less than the standard rate

3.3.  those businesses within the immediate vicinity of the event must be provided with the opportunity to participate through negotiation in advance. Ordinary access to businesses in the immediate vicinity must not be unduly impeded, regardless of their level of involvement

3.4.  evidence that the above conditions have been applied will be required in advance

4.     all relevant licences, i.e. TENS, must be applied for in advance

5.     A comprehensive safety management plan, including risk assessment, shall be lodged with Usk Town Council at least one calendar month in advance

6.     consideration must be given to the overall ambience of all events - with relevant entertainment and PA facilities pre-programmed and facilitated throughout the event. Visitors to any event should be able to expect and enjoy suitably festive sounds, smells, tastes etc., Proposals for this will be required and agreed in advance

7.     due and proper arrangements will need to be made, evidenced and agreed in advance for    

 7.1 road and traffic management prior to, during and after the event

 7.2 disposal of rubbish during and immediately after the event in the vicinity and in the surrounding area

8.    insurance against cancellation and damage will be required and due care of street furniture and decoration (planting etc) should be factored in and managed throughout the event.

A contract encompassing arrangements, timescales etc., for all of the above - along with additional points for inclusion by agreement - will be drawn up and signed off. The contract will then be legally binding.


How to apply:  Please email the Town Clerk to express an interest