The Story of Usk - Revolting Barons

Elizabeth deBurgh at her banquet

1215: King John signed Magna Carta after the Barons’ Revolt. The Curtain Wall and Inner Ward were added to the Castle by William Marshal.

1314: Edward II was defeated by the Scots at Bannockburn and the lord of Usk, Gilbert de Clare, was killed. A hall was built at Usk Castle by Gilbert or his heirs, 1314-18.

In the early 1320s, the Barons were again in revolt – this time against Edward II and his Despenser favourites. The heiress of Usk, Elizabeth de Burgh, had been forced to swap Usk Castle with the Despensers for Gower. She returned by 1326 after their fall (and apparently celebrated with a lavish banquet).

Around this time, a new Gatehouse was built at the Castle. This still forms the front entrance of Castle House.