Start Date for first Major Phase for Usk Gas Pipes Project confirmed as 19th February

Published: 03 February 2018

The Usk Gas Pipe Replacement Project is due to pick up pace in the next week or two as we head closer to the first major phase closure of Bridge Street on 19th February.

Prior to that, the work on Conigar Crescent is being completed, with this - and the next four weekends - seeing traffic lights at its junction with Porthycarne Street.

The work on Church Street is scheduled to continue throughout February on two-way traffic lights, with three-way traffic lights at its junction with Maryport Street this weekend.

Work continues on St Mary’s Way and is close to the half way point. Traffic is managed here on a simple ‘Give and Take’ system.

Next week, work starts on Priory Gardens. Here too, traffic will be managed by ‘Give and Take.’ This piece of work is scheduled to be ongoing throughout February and March.

Usk Town Council acknowledges the disruption this work is causing – and will cause - over the next three months. We are grateful to those residents already affected - for their patience, flexibility and considerate parking – and grateful too for the courteous and amenable manner in which W & W Utilities personnel are conducting themselves.

Regrettably, a small number of individuals continue to flout street and traffic laws. Please be reminded that W & W Utilities, Forest Traffic Management and Usk Town Councillors will be on site on a regular basis throughout the works and will not hesitate in reporting any breaches they observe.

For the time being, Gwent Police remains the enforcement agency in Usk. They assure us of their support during the Project.

More detailed information can be found on road closures and diversions etc here