PLastic Free Usk Initiative Launched

Published: 30 March 2018

Councillor Jan  Richards with Lloyd and Lucas from Usk Primary School and their Plastic Free Usk bag

The Plastic Free Usk initiative was launched by Usk Town Council at the Sessions House on Thursday the 29th March. This was very well attended by Usk residents and businesses.

Councillor Jan Richards delivered an in depth, very informative presentation on the damage being done to our world by the overuse of plastic, culminating in how we can move forward to reduce this overuse.

Councillor Richards said “Usk can’t become totally plastic free overnight but there are small things each of us can do everyday that will make a real difference”.

Sue Parkinson from Monmouthshire County Council provided an overview of plastic waste disposal at county level and the cost and difficulties this poses as well as damage to the environment.

Usk businesses attending the event stepped up to give examples of steps they are taking to reduce the amount of plastic waste they produce. Christine Birch from the Green Flute Café outlined how they participate in the nationwide refill scheme which allows the refilling of water bottles thus directly reducing plastic waste. Ally Williams of Sprockwobbles Coffee Shop, described the steps they had taken to reduce plastic waste in their establishment. James Durose of Raglan Dairy informed of the doorstep milk deliveries in glass bottles that he makes to Usk and surrounding areas which again reduces plastic waste. James also outlined options for restaurants to use instead of plastic containers.

Also to the delight of attendees, Lloyd and Lucas pupils at Usk Primary School, told the meeting of their ‘Grow a Pound’ project to make cotton bags with the Plastic Free Usk Logo, in order to reduce the use of plastic bags as well as to increase the funds of the School PTFA.

Councillor Christina Williams who is leading the Plastic Free Usk launch commented that “The purpose of the launch was not only to inform, but to create a desire from the community to start a group that can take this initiative forward. We are delighted to report that 15 people who attended signed up for this so we can begin to make a difference. Thank you Usk residents for your enthusiasm in starting this initiative and thank you Councillor Richards for the stimulating presentation.”

For more information on the Plastic Free Usk initiative please contact Councillor Christina Williams email